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Dns not replicating

Narrow down the problem 3. Visually inspect DNS 4. Visually inspect sites and services 5. Use event IDs to narrow troubleshooting 6. Other tools available. Begin by finding the domain controllers DCs in the organization. Focus on the health of your forest root and work your way out. To narrow down the problem, it is important to be systematic. Use the following tools to test various DCs, their connection to the root domain or role holder, their ability to resolve names to IP addresses, open ports, and replication results.

Try to pinpoint a specific server that does not communicate and determine if the source or destination server is the cause. Event logs and replication results are ways to gain additional information. Click the DNS server in the left pane. Review the forward lookup zones and all other zones related to the forest and domain partitions. The Active Directory Sites and Services console contains several items that may help troubleshoot replication failures.

Inspect and open every folder and look for the following:. AD-related errors can be found in the Event Viewer console. Use the following articles to help determine the next steps, based on errors found in the logs:.

Nltest is a useful command-line tool that can return many kinds of information about an AD domain. The metadata cleanup process is used to remove AD references to DCs that were taken offline without being properly demoted.

Lingering objects are AD objects that have been deleted from one DC but remain on another due to a replication failure. Removing these objects is a necessary step in restoring proper replication.

Table of Contents: 1. Other tools available Issue 1. Find the FSMO role holders by opening an elevated command prompt and typing: netdom query fsmo This will return a list of the DCs holding each role: Issue 2.

Narrow down the problem To narrow down the problem, it is important to be systematic. Use tracert to test the routes between servers. Issue 3. Records that have incorrect IP addresses. Stale records that have not been deleted. Find the start of authority SOA and name server NS records in the domain forward lookup zone see image below. Right-click each and select Properties. Verify the name servers and other information are correct.

How to diagnose Active Directory replication failures

Are there missing entries? Issue 4.I have set all of my forward lookup zones to allow replication with this other server, yet it is not working. It looks like it worked once because it has forward lookup zones from the past, but any new changes I make do not replicate to the secondary DNS server. Mmmm dunno unfortunately. Only thing i can think of would be to rebuild your second DNS server from scratch. Reinstall Windows and set up the DNS role again. There must be something weird going on with that server.

Are these DNS servers also Domain controllers? You can try the below, but not sure whether it will work as all my DNS servers are also DC's so replication works out of the box.

Yes I already have that. Still nothing though. I just kind of inherited this and want to make sure we have the secondary DNS working properly. There is also a 'Notifiy' button under the 'Zone Transfers' tab. Is your secondary DNS server in that list? I just modified it to the following servers and put in my secondary DNS server, I figure that is it.

Thank you! I will let you know. Currently under all my name servers they list my ns1 and ns Is that what's supposed to be there Should i just add my secondary DNS server to that list and switch all my settings to: "Use servers listed under Name Servers"? But when I tried this it resolves my secondary server IP and then has an error stating this server is not authoritative.

I'd say switch it to 'Use servers listed under Name Servers'. Though not sure about the not authoritive error I am going to try both ways on different new forward lookup zones and see which one replicated tomorrow If not both. Hi Phil, Got it going. Similar to what your suggestion was. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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The latest version is 7. Brad Nov 25, at UTC. They are strictly DNS servers. Open DNS on the server with the most up-to-date records Right click on each of your forward lookup zones and got to 'Properties' Select the 'Zone Transfers' tab Check 'Allow zone transfers' Select 'Only to servers listed on the Name Servers tab' check the 'Name Servers' tab to make sure your DNS servers are in this list Otherwise select 'Only to the following servers' and then specifiy your servers Give that a shot and see how you go!

Thanks again.The DNS server configuration consists of the settings that determine how the DNS server will function on a network and how those settings are stored and retrieved when they are needed. You must correct the SOA configuration of the zone. To perform this procedure, you must have membership in Administratorsor you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.

To verify that the Domain Name System DNS configuration is correct, verify that all configuration settings are correct, check the event log for events that indicate continuing problems, and then verify that DNS client computers are able to resolve names properly.

If the client can resolve the name, the ping command responds with the following message:. Note: The name resolution is successful even if the ping command reports that the destination is unreachable. If the client cannot resolve the name, the ping command responds with the following message:.

Any suggestion? Can I make the primary zone not AD integrated and then replicate it mannualy? Thanks in advance. Sounds like your issue is with Setup of DNS The primary zone replcation is screwed up and i think it has zero to do with the. Event Id's are very helpful.

Mike, many thanks for your response. If the primary zone is screwed up, can I built it again from scratch?

dns not replicating

May I delete it and crate a new one? You have any issues in resolving records from windows DC? That confirms the functionality of zone. Also please post the complete error event that you are seeing in event log. A solid error. I don't think you should recreated, this one is fixable.

It is basically saying that it is not sure where your master is, you have to manually update that info somewhere, here are direction. This may indicate a configuration problem. If the address of the primary server for the zone cannot be resolved DNS clients will be unable to locate a server to accept updates for this zone. Right-click the DNS server, and then click Properties. If you change any values on this tab, click Increment to ensure that the changes will be propagated to other authoritative servers.

Click Name Serversand then ensure that each server in the list is matched with its IP address. If not, click Add to specify the correct IP addresses for the server. Click OK. In the right pane, verify that the zone contains a host A or AAAA resource record for the primary server. If the zone does not contain a host resource record for the primary server, right-click the zone, click New Host A or AAAAtype the name of the primary server in Name uses parent domain if blanktype the IP address of the primary server in IP addressand then click Add Host.

Verify To verify that the Domain Name System DNS configuration is correct, verify that all configuration settings are correct, check the event log for events that indicate continuing problems, and then verify that DNS client computers are able to resolve names properly.

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Review the settings on each tab, and verify that they contain the intended values. Expand the DNS server. Expand a zone folder, right-click a zone, and then click Properties. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each zone. To open a command prompt, click Startclick Runtype cmdand then click OK. If the client cannot resolve the name, the ping command responds with the following message: Ping request could not find host hostname Related Management Information.

Suppose to be solved!!After you run the basic test, you can test other aspects of DNS functionality, including resource record registration and dynamic update. Although you can run this test of basic DNS functionality on any domain controller, typically you run this test on domain controllers that you think may be experiencing replication issues, for example, domain controllers that report Event IDs,or in the Event Viewer Directory Service DNS log. Membership in Enterprise Admins, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete these procedures.

On the domain controller that you want to test or on a domain member computer that has Active Directory Domain Services AD DS Tools installed, open a command prompt as an administrator. To open a command prompt as an administrator, click Start. At the top of the Start menu, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue. Open the dcdiagreport. To open the file in Notepad, at the command prompt, type notepad dcdiagreport.

If you placed the file in a different working directory, include the path to the file. For example, if you placed the file in c:reports, type notepad c:reportsdcdiagreport. Scroll to the Summary table near the bottom of the file. Note the names of all the domain controllers that report "Warn" or "Fail" status in the Summary table. Try to determine if there is a problem domain controller by finding the detailed breakout section by searching for the string "DC: DCName," where DCName is the actual name of the domain controller.

If you see obvious configuration changes that are required, make them, as appropriate. For example, if you notice that one of your domain controllers has an obviously incorrect IP address, you can correct it. Then, rerun the test. If you do not have IP version 6 IPv6 enabled on the domain controller, you should expect the host AAAA validation portion of the test to fail, but if you are not using IPv6 on your network, these records are not necessary.

You can use the following procedure to verify resource record registration, including alias CNAME resource record registration. If the alias CNAME resource record is not registered, verify that dynamic update is functioning properly.

Use the test in the following section to verify dynamic update. If the basic DNS test shows that resource records do not exist in DNS, use the dynamic update test to determine why the Net Logon service did not register the resource records automatically.

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The test record is deleted automatically after the test. If secure dynamic updates are not configured, you can use the following procedure to configure them. If DNS resource records do not appear in DNS for the source domain controller, you have verified dynamic updates, and you want to register DNS resource records immediately, you can force registration manually by using the following procedure.

The Net Logon service on a domain controller registers the DNS resource records that are required for the domain controller to be located on the network. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. If the connectivity test fails on a domain controller, no other tests are run against that domain controller. The connectivity test is performed automatically before any other DNS test is run. Resource record registrations: The test confirms that the host A resource record of each domain controller is registered on at least one of the DNS servers that is configured on the client computer.You may notice that Active Directory fails to replicate in the following conditions:.

To do this, follow these steps:. Skip to main content. Alle Produkte. To do this, follow these steps: Open a Command Prompt as an administrator: On the Start menu, right-click Command Promptand then click Run as administrator. Format the spreadsheet as follows: Hide or delete column A and column G. Select the whole spreadsheet. On the Data tab, click Filter. Sort the table from oldest to newest. In the Custom AutoFilter dialog box, under Show rows whereclick does not contain.

In the adjacent text box, type del to eliminate deleted domain controllers from the view. To fix any replication failures that appear under Last Failure Statussee How to troubleshoot common Active Directory replication errors. Letzte Aktualisierung: May 23, Waren diese Informationen hilfreich? Ja Nein. Vielen Dank. Ihr Feedback hilft uns, die Benutzerfreundlichkeit zu verbessern. Australia - English. Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski. Canada - English. Crna Gora - Srpski. Danmark - Dansk.

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dns not replicating

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Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address. Please check the box if you want to proceed. One of the most frustrating experiences for an Active Directory administrator is to try to fix a non-replicating DC.

But when it replicates in one direction but not the other i. This condition can happen to a newly promoted DC or to an existing one. If replication was broken in both directions you might look at a broken network connection or a DNS problem, but being broken in only one direction is hard to troubleshoot.

In turn, DC2 replicates inbound from DC1. This problem is normally seen when you promote a new DC into the domain.

However, this can also occur on active DCs. Other indicators include:. Many times you might be tempted to perform a manual demotion on the broken DC and re-promote it.

However there is a very simple repair for this condition that, in my experience, has a high degree of reliability and is preferable to manual demotion. That process involves using the Repadmin command to add a low level connection link that will permit the KCC to then generate a proper connection object. The process is fairly simple. First, you must identify the DC with the problem, and a known good DC. Of course you will need to replace "Corp.

One of the first lines in the output of this command specifies the "objectGUID" as shown here:.

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The domain name for this example is Corp. In the sites and services snap-in, go to DC2 The bad DC and delete all connection objects - manual and automatically generated. This creates a link from the broken DC to the good DC.

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In this case, the name of the good DC is listed first destination and the GUID of the broken machine source is listed last. This will force a synchronization across the connection just made.

A success notice should appear. Make sure it executes without error. To ensure that replication is working, create a new site in Sites and Services on the broken machine and see if it replicates to the good one remember to focus the snapin on each machine to see it's view of the world.Old server: Windows SBS.

In order to replicate dns zones to other DC, either it has to be AD-Integrated dns zone or zone transfer needs to be configured. Troubleshooting AD replications. Ensure the following: 1. Also add the dns ip address of the sbs as alternate dns setting in win R2. If Check the time setting on both DC it should not differ.

Regards, Sandesh Dubey. First try to ping the DC. Some ports should be open for AD replication, see the below link for that.

Verify DNS Functionality to Support Directory Replication

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dns not replicating

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Configure a secondary DNS server in Windows Server 2016

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